£1.1bn five-year investment plan launches at Gatwick

13 Aug 2019 –– Gatwick
Gatwick Airport has published its latest five-year Capital Investment Plan

Gatwick Airport has launched a £1.1 billion investment plan to improve performance, future capacity and passenger experience.

The airport published its latest five-year Capital Investment Programme which focuses on investing in AI and technology to promote sustainable growth.

Innovative measures set to be introduced as part of the investment programme will include robotic parking and automated boarding technology, to help passengers board more quickly and easily.

This new five-year investment programme, when added to the investment made by Gatwick's owners in the last decade, amounts to a total of £3.21 billion in investments.

The largest project to be delivered as part of the new Capital Investment Programme is the Pier 6 western extension, which will help half a million passengers board and exit aircraft via a new jetty-served stand using automated boarding technology. By using e-gates and biometrics, passengers will be able to enjoy shops and cafes right up to the point of boarding.

Other new projects will include expansion of departure lounges, runway optimisation using time-based flow management, rapid exit taxiway, a new car park and a £37m railway station upgrade - in addition to the £150m government investment into improving the railway station.

The Capital Investment Programme will also see investment into autonomous vehicles, auto-dock airbridges, baggage handling automation, a special assistance lounge and more water fountains and recycling points. 

Gatwick Airport will also join joint owner VINCI Airports' AirPact policy, the industry's first integrated environmental programme, focusing on electric vehicles and recycling facilities. 

Published every year, the Capital Investment Programme is a five-year rolling plan posted on Gatwick Airport's website.

    Gatwick’s Chief Executive Officer, Stewart Wingate said: “We always put passengers at the heart of our investment plans and it’s great to see how automation and technology can further enhance the passenger experience. The plans explore ways we can grow capacity sustainably, including providing more space in our departure lounges. This investment will support our existing airlines, help attract new airlines and provide an enhanced service for the millions of people who choose to fly from Gatwick.

    “We have outlined our long-term growth strategy in our final master plan and the Capital Investment Programme we are sharing today, gives a more detailed view of our short-term plans which will continue to improve our service proposition and lay foundations for the future.”

    Nicolas Notebaert, CEO of VINCI Concessions and President of VINCI Airports, said: “Belonging to the world’s most extensive and diversified network of airports is a unique opportunity for each one to get inspiration and capture the best airport management worldwide. As such, Gatwick’s Capital Investment Programme will benefit from sharing best practice through the VINCI Airports’ network and tap into the extensive expertise in programme management, customer experience and innovative new services such as robotic parking.

    “We look forward to participating in delivering this great project at Gatwick over the coming years, which is consistent with our global vision of contributing to a more accessible sustainable and passenger-focused experience.”